Sri Lanka Holidays with Verav Travel House

VERAV Travels & Toursis happy to invite you on an unforgettable holiday in Sri Lanka, one of the most ancient and captivating countries in the world. If you are an avid traveller with a passion for unique cultures, breathtaking landscapes, and palm-fringed beaches, Sri Lanka offers all this and more. Changes in thelandscape, climate, and terrain every two-and-a-halfhours’ drive is truly amazing, making for a remarkable tropical escape. Travel leisurelyaround this beautiful country with special travel packages designed by your friendly and professional VERAV Travels & Tours hosts, who will introduce you to the unmatched charm of this Indian Oceanisland, a truly awe-inspiring destination.



Vesak is the largest Buddhist festival in Sri Lanka. During Vesak, people celebrate the triple anniversary of Buddha: his birth, his attaining enlightenment, and his passing away into Nirvana. Colourful bamboo-frame lanterns adorn each home interior and these luminous displays decorate the streets of many towns. Visit Colombo, and catchthisglowing spectacle onits main street,Bauddhaloka Mawatha.

”Vesak is the largest Buddhist festival in Sri Lanka.”